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Please note this operation will drop the water level in your pool, if possible fill pool above operating

level before starting.


The circulation pump should be operating, remove vacuum plate if using vacuum point or skimmer basket.

If using a skimmer line the valve plumbed into the pipework in the plant room controlling the water flow from the vacuum point or skimmer should now be turned on if it is not already.


The valves controlling the water flow from all other suction points should be turned off and if using the skimmer line on a system with more than one skimmer all other skimmers should be plugged off.


Attach the vacuum head to the vacuum pole and in turn attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. With the aid of the attached vacuum pole, slowly place the vacuum head on the pool floor, stretching the remaining vacuum hose along the surround of the pool. This is ideally carried out near to the vacuum or skimmer point.


Feed the remaining vacuum hose down the pool wall into the water a little at a time, being careful not to trap any air in the hose. This process will fill up the vacuum hose with water. To check that all the air has been removed, keep the open end of the vacuum hose about 2” above the pool water and look down inside the hose and you should see the pool water rising up on the inside of the vacuum hose.

Attach the open end of the vacuum hose into the vacuum point or Skimmer line.


Turn multi-port to waste position, see operation of multi-port.


The vacuum will now operate. The vacuum should be slowly pushed across the floor and slopes. If pushed too fast it will stir up the dirt into suspension. The suction of the vacuum will may gradually diminish as the course strainer becomes dirty, and it may be necessary to clean this during the vacuum process.


After the pool has been cleaned the vacuum hose should be removed from the suction point and the pole and vacuum head removed from the pool. The pump course strainer should be cleaned and the multi-port valve returned to the filter position and the suction valves controlling the water flow returned to their original positions. See how to clean your pump course strainer. The filter should then be backwashed.


Re-fit the vacuum point cover (note the vacuum point should be turned off and plated for safety and the pool never used when the vacuum point is turned on) or remove any plugs from the Skimmers and replace baskets.

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