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How to: Clean your pump course strainer basket

Close all the suction line valves in front of the pump

(i.e. Main suction, Skimmer and Vacuum points)

  • Switch off pump.

  • Turn the multi-port to the closed position.

  • Remove pump lid.

  • Remove pump basket and Clean with hose pipe.

  • Replace the basket and top up pot with water.

  • Replace Lid, making sure the lid O-ring seal is still in place and in

a good condition.

  • Move Multi-port valve handle to the waste position

  • Switch on pump and then open the main suction valve.


  • Leave running for one minute, water should begin to fill the pot if it does

not see How I prime my pump.

  • When the water does start to flow open all other suction points and

purge air.

  • After purging carry out a Backwash and then return to the normal filter
    and finally remove any remaining air in the filter via the manual
    air bleed on top of the filter if present. 

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