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Oxford Pools Limited is a Company that specialises in Service, Maintenance and Refurbishment of Swimming Pools.

The company provides its service through Servicing and maintaining swimming pools, refurbishing swimming pools and advice, consultancy and project management.


The main environmental impacts from the company’s activities are through its Service Work.

Other impacts include those from small building and refurbishing works and the operation of its office, including energy and stationery use.

Oxford Pools Limited have a firm commitment to reducing environmental impact of our business.

We recognise we have an impact on the environment and we will protect the environment through prevention of pollution, continual environmental improvement and compliance with environmental legislation.

We also apply the following principles:



Maximise sustainability of positive actions through:

  • Raising awareness amongst those we work with 

Minimise waste, through:

  • Reducing the use of consumable materials and finite energy sources

  • Using electronic communications/documents where possible 

  • Re-using paper and containers

  • Re-using old chemical containers (after safe decontamination)

  • Recycling old chemicals containers through collection and refill by our suppliers

  • Recycling paper, plastics, glass, tins, cardboard, and printer cartridges

  • Re-using stationery.

  • Bokashi composting all unused food and cardboard in the office

  • (we even re-use the daily coffee vans grounds for composting, helping to reduce his footprint too)

  • Portable waste disposal units



Minimise energy use, by:

  • Switching off unused appliances;

  • Enabling energy saving features on our office equipment

  • Arranging the office to optimise natural light; 

  • Improving insulation where appropriate; 

  • Using of low energy light fittings in main office areas 

  • Switching off lights to cool down the office so as not to use air conditioning

  • Replacing carpeted areas with tiles or laminate to cool working areas

Minimise the impact of business transport, through:

  • Van Sharing

  • Careful arrangement of meetings and servicing runs to minimise distance travelled. 


Minimise the impacts of materials used:


  • Disposing of chemicals correctly and legally


Minimise the impact of our interventions through:


  • Identifying environmental issues and advising our clients;

 Monitoring and reviews are carried out to ensure that the environmental management system remains effective.

Reducing our plastic usage by:


  • Using Water filtration for our water needs (no bought in water) 

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