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The graded sand in the filter will trap out all fine particles from the water and will consequently become blocked up after a period of time. On the filter is a pressure gauge, which will rise as the filter becomes dirty and will indicate when backwashing should be carried out. Note the pressure after the filter has been backwashed this is called the ‘clean running pressure’. When the pressure has raised 5lbs above clean running pressure the flow rate around the pool will be considerably lessened, and the filter should be backwashed. Should the pressure fail to rise, the filter should still be backwashed on a weekly basis regardless. If you suspect that the sand in your filter has become clogged, hardened or infected with bacteria, the same in your filter may need to be changed. Please see AFM on our Daisy section.

Operating the Multi-Port valve

The flow of the water through the sand filter is controlled by the multi-port valve. The handle on top of the valve can be moved to any one of six positions; the function of each is described below. 


  • Valve Position Function

  • Filter - Normal filtration and vacuuming

  • Backwash - Cleaning filter by reversing the water flow 

  • Rinse -  Used after backwash to flush dirt from the valve

  • Waste By-passes filter; used for vacuuming to waste, or

Lowering water level

  • Recirculate - By-passes filter for circulating water to pool

Closed Shuts off all flow to filter and pool


Please note that the backwash will lower the water level in the pool

1. Switch off any heaters and auto dosing systems.

2. Switch the circulation pump off.

3. Turn Inverter switch to Backwash/High (if applicable)

4. Depress lever on the multiport and turn to ‘backwash’ position.

5. Switch the circulation pump back on and run for approximately 3 minutes or until the sight glass is clear. The dirty water will be seen passing through the sight glass on the multi-port; this water will gradually clear as the filter is cleaned.

6. Switch off the circulation pump.

7. Depress lever on the multiport and turn to the rinse position.

8. Switch the circulation pump back on and run for approximately 1 minute or until the sight glass is clear. This will clear the dirty water from the filter pipes and multi-port and stop it returning to the pool.

9. Switch off the circulation pump and return the multi-port lever to the filter position.

10. Turn Inverter switch back to Mega Save /Low

11. Switch the circulating pump and any other equipment turned off in step one back to

re-commence filtration cycle.

12. Check water level in Pool and top-up if needed.

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