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Our commissioning service gets your pool into the best possible shape for the season. We ensure everything is working correctly by reconnecting equipment, changing over your cover  (if applicable), vacuuming your pool and much more in time for your swimming pool opening. We dose with an exclusive water treatment regime leaving you with crystal clear, sparkling, blue pool water. 

​We take the worry out of maintaining your pool and leave you to enjoy your swimming pool for the whole of the warm season.


Service contracts


With an Oxford Pools Service Agreement, you can be sure of a flexible approach, where we listen to your needs and tailor your agreement to you.

With each visit we fully check the pool chemistry and adjust as necessary, treating your pool with your bespoke water treatment regime  . We visually check the pool equipment, vacuum then we finish by cleaning your pool  until its sparkling and safe to use. 

A full report is left in your pool plant room for your inspection, listing chemicals dosed, levels tested, observations/problems found , plus a list of any chemicals we have supplied.               
A full monthly water analysis is included. A sample will be taken back to our lab to be tested and a computer generated report is produced so any actions needed will be carried out at your next service.   

Planned Maintenance




Our winterising service means your pool is closed down efficiently and safely.

When winterising your pool, our engineers de-leaf and vacuum your pool, treat with our proven winterising water treatments, drop the level of the pool (if it allows). We drain your water safely and put on the winter debris cover to stop further leaves from entering the pool.  If you want even more support over the winter months, we offer a Winter Care Programme to keep your pool water clean and not green and ready to swim in for spring and summer.

Please note especially during mild winters no chemical treatments will last until the spring. To ensure clear water that's ready to swim in the spring, please see our Winter Care Program. At Oxford Pools we take the worry out of closing down your pool. 


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Our vans are fully kitted out with a wide range of spares and pool equipment. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in problem solving and diagnostics in swimming pools and heating services with access to a wide range of manuals and a networking service for team communication whilst on and off site. This makes us the number one reliable company for call outs, pool breakdowns and pool equipment failures in the South East. 


Ring our call out service on 01865 883322 

Our newly designed vans travel a 50 mile radius to get you up & running

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