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Heating solutios

Correct specification of heating systems is incredibly important if you want to achieve the temperatures you desire and the length of swim season that you want. At Oxford Pools we proudly deliver correctly specified heating systems to our customers needs. Specifying from a wide range of heating solutions, including green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and inverter options

which greatly reduce your swimming pool maintenance  running costs.

Our highly qualified heating engineers can quote and specify a wide range of heating options for indoor and outdoor pools. 

Heating your pool is one of the largest contributors to overall running costs so considering your options is of great importance part of your







Your pump will be responsible for a large part of your energy consumption and therefore your bill. By installing an Inverter, you can efficiently save energy by reducing the speed of your pump. By halving the speed of your pump, the flow rate will also halve, but the energy consumed drops by more than 85%. Slower pump speeds also give better filtration and less wear on the pump. 


The reason why most pumps are sized as they are is to give enough flow for backwashing, cleaning and in some instances for heater flow rates. Before the use of inverters you simply had to have the pump running at full speed. Inverters can be installed onto new pools or retro fitted onto existing ones.

Over the last few years we have installed hundreds of Inverters into our customers pools, their feedback to us shows that they are delighted with their reduced energy bills and just how much they have saved, with an average pay back time of 18 months. What are you waiting for?  

Please call our service department on 01865 883322



Inverer heatpumps


Our high-quality inverter heat pumps are mainly designed for low speed running which leads to maximum efficiency rating,  minimum noise and a long working life. 

Based on average performance, inverter heat pump technology brings you up to half the running cost and a much quieter operation than alternative heat pumps. When the season starts, the inverter runs at 100% capacity to heat up the pool in the first few days. After that, our inverter heat pumps run at an average 50% capacity to maintain the desired pool temperature, whilst keeping its efficiency and saving you money on your energy bills. 

Call our service department on 01865 883322

Gas Condensing boiler





The Certikin Genie range of gas condensing pool heaters is one of the worlds only condensing pool heaters. The Genie S now features a water to water heat exchanger with cupro-nickel tubes to provide long lasting durability even on salt chlorinated pools. Using condensing technology the Genie range delivers up to a fantastic 94% efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate at between 60 to 80%.



- Available in 36kw (123,000btu) and 49kW (167,000btu) outputs

- Only one unit needed for both Natural Gas or LPG (conversion kit included)

- Tamper proof lockable pool temperature display in degrees C or degrees F.

- Up to 94% condensing efficiency - equivalent to an A Rating

- Running cost reduced by up to 30%

- Environmentally friendly

- Can be installed indoors or outdoors

- Quiet running

- Lightweight compact design

Call our service department on 01865 883322

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