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If you are in Milton Keynes and own your own swimming pool, you'll appreciate that refurbishing and giving it a deep clean is a great way to bring it up-to-date and also improve it when it comes to day-to-day running costs, perhaps with a new heat pump. Oxford Pools are within easy reach of Milton Keynes and have many clients in the Buckinghamshire area for which we look after their swimming pool maintenance. 


Refurbishing and maintaining your swimming pool can include upgrading the filtration and heating systems, which is a great way to reduce the annual running costs of owning and cleaning the pool. In the long run, a refurbishment can ultimately pay for itself over a period of years and give increase enjoyment.   It's also possible to change the look of your pool, and we're always happy to advise regarding the various options, including heat pumps by Starite and other manufacturers and the cleaning of your swimming pool. Contact us for any swimming pool maintenance advice.







Hidden within the depths of swaying trees, hedges and budding flowers; behind the gate is a pool of peace and tranquility. Our client's liner had become brittle over a long period of time. The brief: to modernise the pool with a new bag liner whilst retaining its cottage feel and complementing the stunning natural surroundings.



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High quality liner options can be idyllic for a renovation job, they allow for smart and subtle aesthetic at an affordable price point. Lining your pool is a much faster option than tiling it.


There are lots of advantages to choosing to line your pool,

It can be much more cost effective and quicker than tiling with a wide colour choice, whether you are looking for contemporary, traditional or a mixture of both. 

If you have previously had a liner, then we can sometimes identify the specification of your pool quicker than it may take to measure it.

When we reline your pool we will remove your old liner and recycle this free of charge. We will inspect the pool shell for any repairs needed and report back (small amounts of patching of the render are not normally charged for).

We will always recommend that you have felt installed into the pool basin to give a smoother look and a softer feel underfoot.

A pressure test of the pipework is a necessity and is included in the quote which some companies may not recommend or even complete, this can often come back to haunt the client.

Please see our below sections for the type of liners we can install for you.



When you choose to site line your pool you are choosing to make a statement. 

With a wide variety of amazing colours, patterns and textures and a great guarantee, site lining your pool will give it that WOW Factor.


Oozing class and sophistication a tailored liner can transform an old tiled or stained marbline pool into a pool that looks brand new, in fact many people are fooled into thinking that that the pool is fully tiled or lined with slate which of course would cost quite a bit more. Choosing site lining means you are able to create a bespoke liner that works specifically for your pool.

Call our service department on 01865 883322






The single piece bag liner can be either plain or patterned. They come made to measure in one piece, and are usually 20 or 30 thou thickness. These are placed in to the pool after felt has been applied to give a better feel underfoot and a smoother appearance. A vacuum pulls the air out, the pool is then filled with water which pushes it against the side and holds it into position. Bag liners are an ideal choice for a more affordable option.

Call our service department on 01865 883322 for more information





Finding a good tiler is tricky business, with Oxford Pools you need look no further, 

Whether you are retiling sections or retiling the whole pool, our tilers are highly experienced, long serving and meticulous in their work.

We can help source older tiles for any repairs needed or new ones for refurbishment and new pools. 

Here in our client room we have 100's of swatch samples and catalogues to choose from and we can arrange for samples to be delivered to your home in varying sizes even larger sheets for you to place on your pool floor to give you the best possible idea of how your new tiles will look. 

When you tile your pool the possibilities are endless (depending on your pool shape) you can have whatever your heart desires from contemporary to classic from bling to black or brick to mosaic.

 Call our service department for a consultation on 01865 883322

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