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  • Close all the suction line valves in front of the pump.
    (i.e. Main suction, Skimmer and Vacuum points and balance tank)


  • If the pump is still running switch it off.

  • Turn the multi-port to the closed position.

  • Remove Pump lid and fill pump course strainer basket up with water, at this stage water in the pot should maintain level and not drop. If it should drop recheck all valves are closed and refill.

  • Replace Lid, making sure the lid O-ring seal is still in place and in a good condition. 

  • Move Multi-port valve handle to the waste position. If you have a valve on there, open it.

  • Switch on your pump and then open the main suction valve.
    Leave it running for one minute, water should begin to fill the basket. If it does not, return to the beginning of list and start over.


  • When the water does start to flow open all other suction points and purge air.

  • carry out a Backwash and then return to the normal filter position and finally remove any remaining air in the filter via the manual air bleed on top of the filter if present.
    Turn off Vacuum Valve and replace cover plate.

  • At this stage your pump should be running air free, if it is not or it failed to prime see notes below and then start over from the top of the page.

  •  Make sure the level of the pool water is at the normal operating level (half way up the skimmer).

  •  Make sure any suction cleaner is underwater and that its hoses are not sucking in any air.

  • Make sure skimmer and pump strainer baskets are clean.

  • Make sure that the O-ring on the pool pump lid is in place and in good condition.

  • Top the air pump back up, it  wont over flow until it is topped up and you can open up the balance tank valve.????


  • If the pump is still failing to prime telephone service department to book a service call.



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