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The DAISY + system was initially developed by marine biologists at Dryden Aqua for marine mammals in captivity.  Living half the lifespan of wild marine mammals, due to the chlorine gases on the surface of the water, it was clear something had to be done to improve their quality of life.


Traditionally pools have been treated with high doses of chlorine to prevent bacteria and pathogen growth, however, when correct filtration methods are used, chemicals are a very small part of maintaining a clean and healthy pool.  The DAISY + system works on prevention rather than cure.  A Dryden DAISY system will remove all particles down to nominal 0.1 Micron.

Instead of stronger and stronger disinfectants, Dryden Aqua have developed the pool water treatment process changing the water properties and inhibiting the proliferation and endurance of bacteria and parasites. This is a far better solution than attempting to neutralise the bacteria with chemicals after it was developed in the system of the pool water. The DAISY + system has the flexibility to be used as a whole system within your pool or partly utilised to suit your personal pool needs. 


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AFM® Activated Filter Media from Dryden Aqua acts as a direct replacement for sand; doubling the performance of sand filters. AFM® resists biofouling, bio coagulation and transient wormhole channelling of unfiltered water and never needs to be recharged or replaced making it an efficient, greener solution. 

AFM® is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to increase its surface area by up to 300 times for superior mechanical and electro-static filtration performance.

The activated surface of AFM® is self-sterilising which prevents bacteria mud-balling, coagulation and channelling of unfiltered water through the filter bed.

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DA-GEN dosing system by Dryden Aqua is an innovative disinfection solution for your swimming pool. Using advanced oxidation technology to generate free radicals and small amounts of chlorine. It also serves as your complete swimming pool controller.

The free radicals serve as the primary oxidants. (What are free radicals? Hydroxyl free radicals are a very powerful oxidising agent which attack the structure of cell membranes and break down organic molecules).


As a result, microorganisms are destroyed.The chlorine is only used for the depot disinfection in the pool. The DA-GEN automatic dosing system runs with a very low amount of salt (3 - 5 times less than salt water pools). Because the lower the concentration of salt, the more free radicals and the less chlorine is produced. This technology can be used in conjunction with AFM® Filter Media  or as part of the full DAISY System to produce sparkling crystal clear water that is drinking water quality! 


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No-Phos is a highly concentrated liquid product which removes phosphates entering the pool from water supply, bathers and debris blown in. Phosphates are a fertiliser and food source for algae and bacteria. If completely removed by NoPhos, they will not be able to grow.


No-Phos is a coagulant that improves the filtration performance of AFM® and sand filters. It reduces chemical consumption and therefore the formation of harmful disinfection by-poducts. No-Phos is a natural and ecofriendly product which offers healthier bathing conditions while preserving the environment.   For a more efficient, energy saving and cost saving solution choose No-Phos.


Please phone our service department on 01865 883322 for more information.







ACO® amplifies the natural power of the sun, supporting the production of free radicals through UV. Free radicals oxidize pollutants such as urea and chloramines without forming ant harmful disinfection by-products, an efficient choice that is environmentally friendly. Chloramine concentration is reduced by up to 50% and turbidity by up to 40%, providing crystal clear and safe water. 

ACO® filters UV light to  protect chlorine from photolysis (decomposition by the sun). The half-life of chlorine is increased by a factor of 4. Unlike traditional chlorine stablisers such as cyanuric acid, ACO® does not reduce oxidation capacity.

ACO® protects chlorine and amplifies the disinfection power of the sun.

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We also recommend the following products by Dryden Aqua to further enhance and maintain the water quality:


We channel the water through a ZPM (Zeta Potential Mixer) before it reaches the filter. The water is made to cavitate and spin at high speed which helps to kill parasites. The ZPM also disrupts the stability of particles, we also add at this stage APF® (All Poly Floc).


APF® is a coagulant and flocculent that removes pollutants from solution and flocculates fine suspended solids such as skin cells and bacteria, into larger particles that are easily removed by AFM®.

The ZPM and APF® work together rather like shaking milk violently. Milk and water separate when shaken as they do in the case of the pool water, the solids and bacteria in the water separating apart. This makes it easier for the AFM® to 'capture' bacteria and solids as it passes through the filter.

Call our service department on 01865 883322 for more information.


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