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To eliminate green algae from any pool type, the first step is to test and then adjust the pH of the pool water to bring it into the correct range. The correct pH will make any sanitiser that you use more effective.


Bring 500ml of your pool water in a clean plastic bottle or glass jar (this container must not have previously contained any fizzy acidic or alkaline products) . Our computer program will test your water and recommend the correct products to clear your pool.


  • Net and vacuum the pool to remove as much large debris as possible and then brush the walls and floor.


  • Treat the pool with the chemicals recommended.


  • Run filtration system for 24 hours a day until clear.


  • Vacuum to waste.


Please note with the correct Chemical regime green pools could be a thing of the past, why not bring in a water sample and let us recommend a program for you. We can provide you with water treatments that clear your green pool fast and a concise guide that will run you through the process.

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